Design Sprint: Functional IoT-UX requirements

Agile Workshop for Business Analysis, LEAN UX/CX Modelling & IoT Digitalization

1. Functional CX-UX requirements

As UX/Business Architects we help to increase digitization of private companies and public organizations, including the strong need for new websites and especially mobile apps.


Our Design Research for your company is always based on the current it-technical, organizational and mobile app situation throughout the company, while we work towards new agreed ambitions towards real targets for advanced mobile IT development, websites and hence e-business development.


As UX/Business Architects we focus on mobile digitization of the value chain, including any and all IT-systems that are involved in the overall production of both products, services and/or benefits towards the final customers.

2. Collaborating Organizations

​​As your UX Business Architect we work visually with Requirements Specifications for internal ERP, Point-of-Sales (POS) and online B2B, B2G and B2C e-commerce, plus new integrated Mobile CRM/SCM applications and systems towards purchase departments, all vendors, consultants or customer advisers who are present in any value chain in both private companies and also public organizations.


Thus we work with visualization of new B2C, B2B and B2G websites and new mobile apps, ensuring that we always work towards the collaborating organization, internally and externally on various it-technical, business process and business organizational levels - while actually modeling better e-commerce webshop and new mobile CRM/SCM apps.


The difficulty part is gettig the new Cloud API integrations between internal ERP/POS, online e-commerce and the new Mobile CRM/SCM applications. This is why we can assist you!
This ensures that we are working towards the collaborating organization, internally and also externally on value chain organizational level.


3. Value Chain SCM Integration
As UX/Business Architect we especially analyse ERP/POS systems in relation to e-commerce.


Our ERP/POS e-business design teams have focus on the following it-projects:


  • Analyze ERP, POS & WEB workflows of processes and data inside your company.

  • Analyze data and documents used inside your company, internally and externally.

  • Analyze applications, processes and data connections inside company including the Cloud API-integration of ERP, POS, Mobile CRM and B2B e-commerce applications, systems, data and processes for Mobile Apps, Big Data & Value Stream Data.


We therefore do work in various design teams and it-projects to meet both management & employees strategic IT-needs within better Cloud API-integration of ALL applications.