Technology: IoT-platforms & eco-systems

Platforms for business development, analysis/design and digitalization


Microsoft Server integration

​​For companies using Microsoft-technology we can explore fully Microsoft Server technology stack toward user and customer experiences.


Vi bring together strong it-development teams that can analyse, design, model & implement all aspects of your it-projects from ideation to final implementation towards the end users.


We manage interdisciplinary teams, which can design, implement, integrate and develop ALL Microsoft ERP, POS, CRM, Lync, Exchange, plus MS SharePoint or Azure solutions and apps.


Please contact our team today for a complete walktrough of Microsoft Server solutions with speciel focus on Cloud API-data integrations between many type of applications/systems.

Open Source Innovation

​​For companies who want to use Open Source technologies we can also work strategically on both frontend and backend office solutions.


We do work with newest technologies and standards like HTML5, PHP, MySQL, etc. for analysis/design of front-/backend solutions. ​​Our design team always offer turnkey web/app solutions in collaboration with developers, and IT-experts on all the different OS platforms.


Contact us for a review of your company regarding Open Source solutions. We can deliver Big Data requirements & solutions in any company which desire much more Cloud-API data-integration between many different systems by using Open Source applications.

Cloud API & Big Data Apps

UX prototyping is our most advanced tools. Anything that can be described can be built!


By UX analysis/design approach we become one-stop supplier, who can fullfill company desires in all digital e-business development

areas - while providing a broad range of IT Business Analysis and software development services that can meet all it-strategic goals of business development for future it-systems.

For example we help integrate applications like Point-Of-Sales (POS) systems, new B2B og B2G e-commerce systems which are challenged by Mobile CRM apps towards SCM integration.


Contact us for company review on how Cloud API & Big Data documents can improve overall processes towards your current, existing and future B2B/B2G systems/applications by using Cloud API-integration of digital business data.