SAP Design Thinking Cases

Examples on how to use Design Thinking in real life

Trailer: Simplify Everything with SAP

We live in a time of unbelievable time - and opportunity. Seize the opportunity and Run Simple with SAP

Design Thinking with SAP

The Future of Business is Now

Design Thinking with SAP

Future of Work and Employee Empowerment

The SAP Story: Customer Needs Focus

Help the world run better IT for customers

Design Thinking with SAP

How it works: New Ways of working at SAP

History of Design Thinking with SAP

Design Thinking has a strong history at SAP that started in 2004 and continues today. We want to share our Design Thinking journey with you.


Visit and Design Thinking with SAP is here to help you better connect with your customers and leverage the power of technology.

Design Thinking with SAP

Bridging the gap between business and IT with a fashion retailer

SAP Design Thinking - An exciting
way of working at SAP systems

Knowledge exchange at the Design Thinking Workshop, Southkom, Milan.

KRAFT: Design Thinking with SAP

Kraft grows their export business with Design Thinking

Future of Commerce: SAP Hybris Commerce Customer 360° View

Imagine if customer support agents were able to recognize us, know who we are and what we like, and were able to make recommendations that we really wanted and needed. The SAP Hybris Commerce, Assisted Service Module's new Customer 360° View provides a snapshot of who the customer is, their brand, product and service affinities, and tooling to help a customer support agent make relevant recommendations.

SAP Realtime Organizational Design

SAP ERP Foundation Extension the key to world or enterprise applications

What is SAP? Why SAP is needed...

How to increase customer services via SAP Enteprise Resource Planning & Supply Chain Management into Enterprise Architecture