My Publications at University & academia level:
Enterprise Architecture, UX/CX analysis & IoT-design 

IT-University Copenhagen + Copenhagen Business School

by Digital Transformation, UX Design Research

2018: CV's for Service, Business & Software Design Thinking 

Dansk CV: DSDM forretningsanalyse & UX metoder
Danish CV: Agile, DSDM, IoT & UX design metoder

English CV: Agile, DSDM, IoT & UX design methods

2018: Service, Business & Software Design Thinking sites: 

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Organizational Architecture: Eco-System & LEAN UX design 
2011: Conference on Global Business towards digitalization
of companies in B2B Supply Chains: Present my Plug’n’play Supply Chain Research for forskningsnetværk: 


Published article:

My Cand.IT research-based slideshow
at Plug’n’play Supply Chain conference!

Slideshow from my CX-research:

My slideshow from Consulting with focus on increased B2B2C eBusiness + B2G2C eGov eTrading Apps!

Business Service Architecture: Agile CX + LEAN UX Design

Architecture-focus at Digital Enterprise Arkitektur dataflow
og workflows af OIOUBL-XML documents in value chains:

2007: Cand.IT eBusiness synopsis at Consulting with B2B eBusiness & B2G eGovernment for Digital Trade:

My eGov Synopsis @ CBS: Public Sector Process Rebuilding,
PPR-2 faget: Maturity B2G2C eGovernment transformation
& B2B eCommerce, Interactions & Logistics! Exam grade: 10

Combines B2B2C eBusiness and B2G2C eGovernment
UX design method research into Governance models...

eBusiness Arkitektur-design for B2G2C data mobility & 
ERP/POS eBusiness CRM/SCM OIOUBL-XML documents!

Synopsis for Public Sector Process Rebuilding + Industri 4.0
+ Service Design for B2B2C eBusiness & B2G2C eGovernment

2007: Cand.IT B2B eBusiness & B2G eGovernment
SOA Enterprise Architecture thesis @ ITU + CBS:

Digital Enterprise Architecture focus for mobile dataflow 
& workflows of OIOUBL-XML documents in value chains:

Arkitekture combines EA, SOA, MDA, TOGAF, LEAN theory
via OIO-UBL document-models for Customer Experience Relationship & Supply Chain Management (eCRM+SCM)

”Co-working LEAN UX collaboration techniques for
new mobile, semantic & interoperable ecosystems at

business organizations, UX and IoT-technology level”

Cand.IT eBusiness & eGovernment CRM/SCM thesis

1994: HA-engelsk, Bachelor of Business Administration specialet: Markedsundersøgelse & Marketing Research
for FoodTech messe, Messecenter Herning, Denmark afholdt siden 1994 research for

2012: Agile Business System Architecture,


Agile + LEAN UX-UI-CX Design Teaching,

Aarhus Business University,

Cloud API+UX models of Business Information Systems
("Cloud API+UX modellering af it-forretningsarkitektur")

Teach 9 student groups in Agile APIs, LEAN UX-UI-CX design 
by UML Object-Oriented Service, Business + Software Design!

My Design Research: +
Coach 9 UX-projects in CX-analysis/design/implementation: