How to Map Customer Journey in 7 Steps 

CX pros everywhere are using customer journey mapping to develop better understanding of their customers. Ready to start your own mapping project? Watch the video above, then get your free Customer Empathy Worksheet at

Customer Journey Mapping

Examples how to use Customer Journey Maps

1-way communication & marketing

The wrong way of 1-way online marketing

Den forkerte tilgang til online marketing

1-way Customer Service Experience

The wrong way of 1-way customer service

Den forkerte tilgang til kunde service

2-way Customer Service Experience

Future of Customer Service in Retail

Fremtidens kundeservice for detail

Design Thinking with SAP

SAP Retail. Right. Now. Realtime Shopping!

Design Thinking with SAP

Unilever Makes UX a Priority

Design Thining with SAP

Co-innovating with a major city
to focus on their citizens

How To Create Customer Journey Map Megan Grocki breaks down what a customer journey map is, and how to create one for your next user experience design project. 

Illustrations by Robin Cave; music by

Customer Journey Mapping

Examples of Customer Service Cases

Customer Journey for Retail

This animated video describes the breadth of capabilities needed to effectively detect, manage and orchestrate the Customer Journey in the Retail industry. 

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey & Touchpoints

Customer Experience Journey Mapping - Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital. Holland


Understanding Customer
Journey Mapping

Innovation Guru Jeneanne Rae speaks at the Parsons New School about customer journey mapping.

Customer Journey Mapping
- Breaking Down the Silos

John Dalton and Claire Sporton shared techniques to develop a customer journey map, break down some of the walls that impede delivering on the CX promise and promote an understanding of how everyone plays a role in the journey.

Designing a Customer Experience

We are very happy to announce that Amberlight is featured on a Telegraph Business Club film about 'Designing a Customer experience'. This video shows how Amberlight are successful when it comes to looking at consumer behaviour, and how we are able to paint a bigger picture for our clients.