IBM Internet of Things

IBM Cases towards Internet of Things

How It Works: IBM Big Data Thinking

Get familiar with IBM Big Data How it works video. Visit:

The Internet of Things for Automotive, Transportation, and Retail by IBM

Example of Big Data from IBM perspective

How It Works: Design Thinking

Get familiar with IBM Design Thinking and Agile. Visit:


IBM Design Thinking
and Agile Development:

How can IBM Design Thinking and agile development help you reach your goals?

IBM: What is Agile?

What does it mean to be agile? Jim Kavanaugh, Senior Vice President, Transformation and Operations, and Rob Purdie, Agile Practice Lead, IBM Studios, explain what it is, what it is not, and how the different pieces work together to help create a culture of collaboration, teamwork and continuous improvement. 


IBM Design Thinking:

IBM Design Thinking - Animated explainer video



Understand IBM Design Thinking
in 10 minutes:

Mirko Azis speaks to the basics of IBM Design Thinking in this 10 minute video. The Key’s to IBM Design Thinking; Hills, Playbacks and Sponsor Users are presented and the IBM Design Loop is explained. Filmed in June, 2016 for the IBM Technical Leadership Exchange.