Design Thinking Workshop

Examples how to use Design Thinking in real life


What is Design Thinking (2015)

Suppose you are part of a thriving business and need to branch out and find that next big thing. Design Thinking is the answer...

What is Design Thinking

Get better understanding of what design thinking is all about. Organizations that embrace this methodology will have a clear competitive advantage in their industries.

How It Works: Design Thinking

Trying to solve a problem or find better ways of getting work done? Get familiar with IBM Design Thinking and Agile. For more information on IBM Design Thinking, please visit: 


Quick steps through Double Diamond

Simple explanation on the Double Diamond model, owned by the British Design Council. 

Design Thinking Method - The 5 Steps

Watch this movie and you will know how to create an good idea. In order to create a GREAT idea you also need to read essay.

Design Thinking, Business Prototyping

One of the hottest topics in the business world, design thinking helps you break through your messiest business problems with a systematic approach to uncovering creative insights and new solutions.

Complex Systems Design: 15x Thinking

Design thinking is a design process that enables us to solve complex problems. It combines deep end-user experience, systems thinking, iterative rapid prototyping and multi-stakeholder feedback to guide us through the successive stages in our design. 

Design Thinking Animation - 5 Steps

An animation that explains how to integrate critical and creative thinking skills into your design process. Created for students and faculty at NC State University.

Design Thinking Case Study

Colgate Design Thinking Case


Stanford Webinar:
Design Thinking = Method, Not Magic

Design thinking gets a lot of buzz for being a “one size fits all” strategic process to drive innovation. Presented by the Innovation Masters Series: Design Thinking and the Art of Innovation ttp://

Design Thinking Method - The 5 Steps

Transform the way you think about innovation and how to go to market with new ideas. Design Thinking is a widely recognized practice you can use to integrate design, technology and business practices to train tomorrow's leaders. From radical collaboration to problem-based learning, explore tools and techniques that will help drive change within your organization.

Design Thinking: Hands-on Workshop

Join Design for Change founder Kiran Bir Sethi in a hands-on workshop where you yourself become a designer, and learn how to put your ideas for a better world into action! Engage in the type of creative challenge that has inspired and empowered over 25 million children across the globe -- in 34 countries and over 300,000 schools -- to design innovative pathways to change.