Try this powerful technique when you are looking for innovative solutions.

Give your team a brain jolt to kickstart creativity, by asking them to question-storm 50 questions in 15 minutes about your topic. It's a jolt if people are not used to asking a lot of questions.

Why should you spend time question-storming? Peter Drucker renowned management guru, nailed it when he said,

The most common source of management mistakes is not the failure to find the right answers. It is the failure to ask the right questions... Nothing is more dangerous in business than the right answer to the wrong question.

Are you asking the right questions? The secret to finding the right question that will lead you to the right answer is to ask a lot of questions, especially compelling ones. So be sure to spend time question-finding before you leap into solution-finding.

Try the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) from the Right Question Institute*

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  • Jarle Fink, Aarhus University

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  • Richard Branson, Virgin Airlines
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