The Rise & Fall of Design Thinking at Oticon In 2007, top management of hearing aid manufacturer Oticon boldly established a working group dedicated to a rather new and odd thing called design thinking. Three years later, the group was dissolved. This is the story of a tragic misunderstanding and untapped potential. We talked to a former Oticon employee who decided to go to Denmark in 2007. At first it was difficult for him to find a job there. Even with a degree in mechanical engineering from one of the best universities in the US and a lot of work experience with his own consulting company it seemed difficult to get hired. Then a recruiter took a spec

Why Generation Z Wants Only Perfect Customer Service Born between 1995-2012, these young people are just becoming adults. They’re also a huge chunk of world population, with over 23 million people and growing. Entitled, tech-immersed children with short attention spans? Whatever you think you know about Gen Zs, it’s time to leave it at the door. What most don’t realize is that they will soon be (if they aren’t already) your customer. That’s right, as Gen Zs begin taking over the consumer market, companies should understand that in just 5 short years, they may account for as much as half of all consumers. Say hello to more screen-addicted buyers

Open Bank API Hackathon, London UK

Railsbank Open Banking API Hackathon: Calling all developers and future FinTech entrepreneurs 48 hour hackathon to create innovative Banking Services on the Railsbank Open Banking API If you’re keen to be creative and push the boundaries of what can be built using Open Banking APIs, want to build the next generation of innovative banking and compliance services and win cash prizes, then #OpenBankHack17 is for you. Railsbank is an open banking API and platform that gives regulated and un-regulated companies access to global transaction banking with 5 lines of code. Through our API, customers can access a complete range of wholesale transaction banking services using our «Product Rails»: dig

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