Architecture: Bridge Business Analysis & Enterprise Architecture

Explains how to bridge Business Analysis with Enterprise Architecture skills by TOGAF architecture  methods


What is Enterprise Architecture?

Applying Enterprise Architecture film

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Applying EA architecture organization

Why Enterprise Architect Role?

The Business Architect Roles & Skills

Why Enterprise Architecture?

Applying Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Overview

Applying EA architecture, close gaps!

Enterprise Architect Strategy

Architecture for Strategy Changes

What is Enterprise Architecture

A brief introduction of Enterprise Architecture functions and value proposition.

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture is a rigorous approach for describing the structure of an enterprise. A well managed Enterprise Architecture results in an effective enterprise. This answers the question: What is Enterprise Architecture?

What is TOGAF?

What is TOGAF? TOGAF is The Open Group Architecture Framework. This video answers the question 'What is TOGAF' in more detail.


Intro to Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture at University

Applying Enterprise Architecture

Example of applying IT architecture

Business Architect Role & Skills

Real Business Architect Role & Skills


Webinar: Architecture for the masses

Briding architecture with BA design skills

Chess And The Art Of
Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture has been around for roughly 30 years to fight the chaos and misalignment that generally results from the free evolution of complex Business-IT landscapes.

What is TOGAF and Innovation? | TOGAF 9.1 Online Training Video | Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture allows businesses to become agile and respond to change rapidly. TOGAF is a framework by the Open Group that enables businesses to adopt an efficient enterprise architecture practice. In this session we will talk about how a professional can plan and design his career using TOGAF for enterprise architecture, whether he works in a consulting company, a product development company or in a non IT business providing IT Services As Agile becomes increasingly popular across the globe, the need to bring Enterprise Architecture into alignment with this transformational methodology has become more urgent. Traditional EA does not offer agility, and by redefining the paradigm of EA to fit within the agile culture, project goals can be steered in the required direction.

TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) is the global de facto standard for Enterprise Architecture. It provides a unified approach for the design, planning, execution and government of enterprise information technology architecture. This industry-accepted approach to enterprise design can be used to drive high-level business strategy and growth in your organization.

Our course teaches you how to strike the right balance to implement agility within the framework of your enterprise architecture, and achieve business transformation and positive growth. You will gain knowledge and skills to ace the TOGAF Certification Exam and become a TOGAF 9.1 Certified Architect which is rated as one of the top certifications for an IT professional to have. The TOGAF certification is provided by the accreditating body “The Open Group”. A case study will run through the course which will help you understand the hands-on aspects of using and tailoring TOGAF 9.1 for your organizational needs.

Webinar: Briding analysis with EA

Briding BA role with Business Architecture

Lesson 1:
Demonstrating the Value of Enterprise Architecture to your Executives

Enterprise Architecture for Digital Transformation” program presents a series of 5 lessons of specific topics that matters to EA teams and IT professionals. Each session provides valuable key takeaways that will help organizations in their Digital Transformation process.

Agile Enterprise Architecture - AEA Webinar #4 - 10 April 2015

Some enterprise architecture (EA) practices suffer from monolithic processes that deliver abstract, conceptual strategy that doesn’t deliver business value. Traditional EA practices can be augmented with agile project management and development of best practices. The speaker will discuss how to link enterprise architecture to business strategy, incorporate iterative planning, and apply test-driven development. An agile EA practice delivers a flexible enterprise architecture that allows the business to adapt to changes in the market and technology.

Webinar: Using Business Architecture

Using BA to enable Customer Experiences

What is Enterprise Architecture? (SAP EA Explorer - Short Video) - In this short video, we introduce the concept of Enterprise Architecture together with some of the guiding principles.

Gaining Competitive Advantage from Enterprise Architecture

Speaker: Dr. Jeanne Ross, Director and Principal Research Scientist, MIT Sloan School Center for Information Systems Research